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This Is How You Can Get Rid of Cockroaches Once and for All. It Works 100%!

Often times, people have problems with cockroach infestation in their homes, whether they live in a house or an apartment. To remove them, we choose different store-bought products; however, the problem with these products is the presence of harmful chemicals which can put the health of the entire family at risk.

The 3 Week Diet

How to Remove Cockroaches Safely

Luckily, there is a safer way to get rid of cockroaches with 2 easily affordable ingredients. Let’s take a look:

– One egg yolk

– 50 grams of boric acid powder

The 3 Week Diet

Preparation and application: Mix the ingredients well until you get a thick mixture from which you need to make small balls. Place the balls in different areas of your apartment or house.

How Does This Method Work

The cockroaches will be attracted to come to the balls, however, when they do, they will be neutralized by the mixture. Since there may be a new generation of cockroaches that have recently hatched, you can repeat the procedure after 6 months.

Important to note:

The boric acid balls are completely safe for you and your family as well as for pets. Boric acid isn’t toxic, but it’s merely a disinfectant.

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